July 17, 2009

More Great Tennis One-Liners!

I recently posted some of the great "tennis one-liners" - those wonderful tennis tips that are distilled down into one sentence. Sometimes they're genius, sometimes they're funny, sometimes you wonder just who comes up with these things. Here are a few more great tennis one-liners to apply to your game. Send me your great tennis one-liners so I can include them on Tennis Fixation!
  • When in doubt, call it out.
  • When in doubt, call it in (click on this post to see why this is my preferred one-liner: When In Doubt, Call It . . . In).
  • Down the middle solves the riddle.
  • Watch the ball, not your opponent.
  • Keep your tossing arm up as long as possible.
  • Keep your head still.
And, the doubles one-liner I always find useful:
  • I think that was your ball.
You can see more great tennis one-liners by clicking on this post: Great Tennis One-Liners!

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