July 21, 2009

Quick Tennis Fix: Cut Your Caffeine!

Do you start the morning with coffee and then transition to your favorite caffeinated soda? Are you doing this even though its blistering hot outside by the time your tennis match starts? Bad idea! Caffeine is a diuretic and not only will not hydrate you, it will actually increase the likelihood of you becoming dehydrated. Acceptable things to drink during a match are water, fitness and flavored waters, and sports beverages. Fruit juices and decaffeinated sodas are a distant second and caffeinated beverages do not even count towards fluid intake. The way I look at it is - I have enough issues when I'm playing tennis. I don't need to add to my problems by dehydrating myself and drinking caffeine!

For more tips on what to drink during a match, click on the following post: "Drink! Drink! Drink!"

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tennischick said...

i am proud to say that i have not had a cup of coffee for the entire week. it's been a revelation.