September 22, 2009

Tip From The Pro: Poaching

Here is a guest post from my favorite tennis pro, Brian Montez. Brian is a teaching pro working with players of all levels and abilities, from kids to adults, beginners to open-level, and everything in between. Here, Brian gives a great poaching tip.

There are two kinds of poaches. The first type you communicate with your partner and let them know you are moving across in an attempt to cut the ball off and put it away. The second you improvise and decide that it's a ball that you can get before it reaches your partner, so you move across and finish strong!

Either way you should move in at an angle towards the net strap insuring that you are moving forward to the ball and not sideways. The highest percentage is through the middle, so try to aim your poach there until you become more comfortable hitting angles. You must attempt to poach during your lesson, drills, or recreation play in order to become comfortable doing so in a match that counts. You must also be able to poach off the forehand and backhand sides!

If you want to contact Brian for lessons, call him at 713.417.6780.


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