October 14, 2009

Gear Tips for 10 Common Player Types

 I just came across this great post on the Tennis magazine website analyzing what kind of gear you need for your playing style:  Gear Tips for 10 Common Player Types.  These tips are great because they're not just for upper level players.  After reading this you'll realize anyone can benefit from playing with the right racquet and the right strings.  Here's an example appropriate for plenty of players I know and play with:
The Fun & Fitness Combo
This 3.0 doubles team will tell you tennis is mostly a great way to stay in shape, and a lot more fun than “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons. They enter the club tournament every year just to support the program, but don’t go home and kick the dog when they lose in the first round. Their racquets are pre-strung Wal-Mart specials.
Ferguson: “They may not care about winning, but they’ll get a lot more fun and exercise out of tennis if they can prolong their rallies. They should start by looking at premium game-improvement high-tech racquets with light weights, head-heavy balances, thick beams and oversized heads that will provide more depth and help keep them in the point longer. They don’t need to use expensive gut, but a good playable synthetic string like Babolat Excell or Prince Synthetic Gut should do nicely, strung in the middle of the tension range for a blend of power and control.”

Check out the complete post by clicking on this link:Gear Tips for 10 Common Player Types . And, speaking of racquets and strings, check out this great Tennis Fixation tip for keeping your racquet in shape and ready to play: Quick Tennis Fix of the Day: Time to Restring!

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