January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from Tennis Fixation!

Happy 2010 from Tennis Fixation!

Its the beginning of a new year and its a great time to figure out where you want to take your tennis game.  And the best way to do this?  Adopt at least one tennis resolution for 2010.

Just one short year ago, I set out what I thought the Top Tennis Resolutions for 2009 were. I myself pledged to take on Resolution No. 4 - play more tennis for fun. How successful was I? I would give myself a grade of "B" on the playing tennis for fun front. While I didn't actively try to set up a bunch of play for fun matches, I never turned down anyone who asked me to come and play. This is a great resolution because it gives you a chance to play without the pressure of having to win. And, by the way, tennis is supposed to be fun so you should always be out there trying to play for fun.

So what are the best tennis resolutions to take on in 2010?  How about adopting one of these?

Resolution No. 1 - Improve your serve.  Make 2010 the year you undertake a concerted effort to get  down at least one great, dependable serve.  Maybe this means taking lessons.  Maybe this means playing a lot more matches.  Maybe this just means getting out and serving 300 balls a week.  Just do whatever it takes to get this most important stroke down.

Resolution No. 2 - Learn something about the rules of tennis.  Why not be the person people turn to when they have a question about the rules instead of the person who says "Why don't we just play a let?"  Buy a rule book - they're pretty small - and read through it.  You'll probably be upset at all the points you gave up because you just didn't know what the rule was.

Resolution No. 3 - Invest in some good gear.  Its time to quit playing in running shoes.  Its time to buy a skirt or two that fit comfortably.  Its time to have a case of balls in the garage so you always have a fresh can in your bag.  Its time to get your racquet restrung!

Resolution No. 4 - Do a better warm-up before your matches.  I talk about this one all of the time because I know I play SO MUCH BETTER when I've warmed up well before playing.  Its just so dang hard to get in that good warm-up.  Who has the time?  So, make this the year you resolve to improve your match performance by just warming up better.  For a great pre-match warm-up, click here: Winning The Warm-Up.

If you aren't happy with these, try one of the 2009 resolutions.  Just come up with something that you really want to work on for this new year.

What is my tennis resolution for 2010?  I'm finally going for No. 1 above.  This is the year I get a great serve.  And guess what?  You should adopt a different resolution because you're going along for the ride with me on this one and your serve is bound to improve right along with mine when you read all of the great tennis serve tips I'll be blogging about.  So, as always, stay tuned to Tennis Fixation.  Let me know how your game's going and what you're working on.  Happy New Year and let's have some tennis fun in 2010!


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