January 13, 2010

Tennis Fashion Fix: Australian Open 2010-Jelena, Carolina & Dinara

So Australian Open 2010 is now just days away. Hurray! Let's see what some of the women are wearing.

You know from a previous post what Ana Ivanovic is expected to wear. How about her Serbian cohort - Jelena Jankovic? Here's the preview:

Just in case you're looking at that thinking, "That's not so bad," take another look:

Weird. While Ana drew the short straw for fashion last year, in my opinion, Jelena is the loser this year. The colors of this are cute, very striking and should show up well on the blue Aussie courts. But her torso looks way too long making the skirt look way too long, I think because the top of the skirt appears to be an extension of the shirt and the fruity, strawberry colored frills are low on the skirt's bottom. In my opinion. This is not a look I expect to see on my neighborhood courts. Unless something similar goes on sale at Walmart.

And how about Caroline Wozniacki, again sporting Stella McCartney's line for Adidas?  I like these two looks, the white one probably being for Wimbledon.

And these shorts are very interesting, but probably won't be worn by a lot of the ladies I play tennis with:

Any piece of apparel that might have the word "balloon" in the description isn't likely to catch on with ordinary ladies. Still, I'm glad Stella McCartney is interested in designing real sportswear.  My only complaint is the colors continue to be, frankly, boring.  Even I want to wear something brighter than this stuff.

As for Dinara Safina, she is dressed by Adidas and here is what she's expected to wear:

While this is a pretty standard outfit that I see out on the courts everyday, this is an appropriate outfit for Dinara since she has more to think about than what her tennis wear looks like. Things like - How can I avoid a complete mental breakdown on court?

I'm looking for a photo of what Maria Sharapova will wear since she's always so fashion-forward, but haven't found anything good yet. We'll probably have to wait until she starts playing. And that is just days away now! So when I see it, I'll post it so you can see it too.


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Adrian said...

I think Anna Ivanovic and MAria Sharapova will be the best fashion fix this year at Australian Open 2009