April 7, 2010

The Match In Which I Am Robbed

Oh my goodness. Today I was robbed. And I'm not talking about being robbed of a win in a tennis match.

Maybe I was burglarized. I'm not sure. All I know is that, sometime after narrowly losing the first set in a tiebreaker, a woman from the other team said, "Hey, does anyone have a black Suburban in the parking lot? Because it was broken into." My first thought was that while I have a black Suburban, doesn't everyone have a black Suburban? So there's no way it was my car that was broken into.

Boo hoo. Mine was the only black Suburban in the parking lot and someone had smashed in one of the side windows and stolen my purse. I blame myself. Who leaves their purse in the cars these days? Well, I used to as of this morning. As of 11:34 a.m. today, I no longer do.

At about the same time I was staring at my smashed-in window, my husband called. Someone actually found my purse and it was waiting for me at a nearby church! My partner and I forfeited our match (Drats!) and I drove over to pick up my purse which was missing absolutely nothing except the cash. I guess the robber was so happy to get some cash that he just threw my purse away.

I am so lucky - they didn't take my credit cards, my checks, my drivers license, my digital camera (why am I carrying that around?), my Lacoste sunglasses or my $400 Coach purse. I called my credit card companies and they didn't even think I should cancel my cards. I just need to monitor them on-line for "unusual activity."

And, here it is about 4 hours later, and I already have a new window in my car thanks to one of those mobile auto glass replacement companies.

Moral to this story - DON'T LEAVE YOUR PURSE IN THE CAR! You probably don't. But don't be like me and think it can never happen to you.

Second moral - Use those mobile auto glass replacement companies. They're quick, cheap and the guy even vacuumed the broken glass out of my car!


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