July 26, 2010

I Want Candy!

My new favorite tennis accessory? Not my gold and silver zebra-striped tennis bag. Not my bedazzled ankle socks that spell out “Court Queen” in rhinestones. Not even my Hello-Kitty-with-a-tennis-racquet good luck charm. None of these are as critical to the success of my game as my new number one tennis aid—Sports Beans.

Leave it to the geniuses at Jelly Belly to come up with the perfect performance sports snack. Packed with carbohydrates for fuel, electrolytes for recovery, and vitamins to support your muscles, Sports Beans are truly serious athletic snacks. But me, I don’t care about that science-y stuff. What I love is that Sports Beans are really yummy jelly beans—jelly beans that I can actually feel good about eating. Regular Sports Beans come in four different flavors—Orange, Lemon Lime, Berry, and Fruit Punch—so there’s something for everyone. Can’t decide on a flavor? There’s a variety pack with assorted flavors so you can try a little bit of each. Having now tried them all (just doing my job), I’m a Berry girl all the way.

But what if you need a little “boost” to get your game going? Then you may be ready for Extreme Sports Beans. These sweeties give you all of the goodness of regular Sports Beans but with an added shot of 50 mg of caffeine! That’s about what you get in a half cup of coffee. How great would it be to come out on the court refreshed and raring to go all because you just had some jelly beans? Extreme Sports Beans come in two flavors—Watermelon and Cherry—and I’m giving the nod to Watermelon here.

And don’t worry about overdosing on your Sports Beans. These come in individual resealable packets with about 14 jelly beans and 100 calories in each. Thank you Jelly Belly for giving me some portion control as I’m sure I could eat a lot more than 14 of these in a match.

Now, here’s the true genius behind Sports Beans—all kinds of athletes love them! Runners love them because they’re so convenient to carry. Bikers love them because they can pop a couple without slowing down. Swimmers love them because they’re just as good wet as they are dry. Even cross-country skiers love them—they don’t freeze!

So get your hands on some of these “magic” beans and see if you don’t feel more energized and focused during your matches.

This post originally appeared on one of my favorite web sites:  Strawberries & Scream: I Want Candy!

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