July 29, 2010

Tennis Fashion Fix: US Open 2010 - Sharapova

The U.S. Open is about a month away so player kits are starting to surface. And here is the outfit Maria Sharapova is expected to wear this year. Here's Nike's description:
An eyecatching Court Day Dress as worn by Maria, this dress is a beautiful new colour and a fantastic new style with lots of attractive assymetrical features. The button plackets on the chest and right hem are non-functional, providing an eye-catching style to this dress. The black hem of the dress is delicately ruffled with a pop of colour shimmer under the dress.
So what's my take on this? I, for one, am going on the record as being against "non-functional" touches like button plackets. Why have buttons on a tennis dress if they're not doing anything? And I'm not 100% sure what a "pop of colour shimmer" at the hem means. Is that the black ruffle or is there something else under there? (That's more of a criticism of the fashion intern assigned by Nike to write the description.) While I like this turquoise color, this definitely looks like a dress that can only be judged when Maria's actually wearing it. So we'll just have to wait and see.

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