September 4, 2010

Choosing Sides In Doubles

This is a guest post from Brian Montez, tennis pro and owner of K Factor Sports.

Most doubles players think its best to let their partner return from their stronger side. But this isn't always true. As a team, you should decide the advantages and disadvantages of each player on each side and see what makes the most sense for your team. For example, if you have a better inside out backhand than your partner, but a weaker forehand, you would be better off playing the deuce court and having your partner play the ad side. Talk to your partner and try to figure out what is best for your team. Your results will improve if you do!

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tennischick said...

Nice entry. One of the problems I have as a doubles player is that I always like to serve first and get it out of the way. It helps me control my anxiety over being in a competitive situation.

Recently I teamed up with my coach for some mixed doubles and he said that the stronger player should always serve first. I insisted that I wanted to serve first and I did win my game so he was OK with it. But afterward all of the guys teased me for choosing to serve first when I was not the stronger member of the team.

Brian Montez said...

Hi TennisChick

Again, doing what's best for your team will produce the best results. If my partner and I serve first, but are on the sunny side I always serve first. His serve is stronger, but he doesn't serve well on the sunny side. Tennis is all situational. There is not always one specific decision or answer that will win you matches. You must always be thinking and figure out what is happening with your opponents as well as your team and then do what's best