September 11, 2010

Peace, Love & Tennis

If I’m going to wear a t-shirt from the U.S. Open, I don’t want to look like someone gave it to me for being one of the first 100 people standing in line for Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day. I want something splashy and fun. I want it to be cool and figure-flattering. I want the Peace, Love & Tennis tee from the 2010 Open.

I don’t know who designed the women’s tees for the Open this year, but a big “Thank You!” for finally figuring out what we girls want. We don’t want something baggy and shapeless that our kid brother might wear. We want something exactly like this Peace, Love & Tennis tee. It’s made from a sheer material and promises to have a “very tight and narrow fit.” All the better to show off that athletic body for which we’ve put in all those hours on the tennis court. And it’s tagless. I know you are thinking who cares?, but this is a feature I consider to be the bare minimum in any tee worth wearing these days.

Best of all: the Woodstock-inspired design. Check out the dove perched atop the tennis racket handle and the peace sign just behind the strings. How retro and hip is that? The colors are vivid shades of aqua blue, brick red and lime green – truly psychedelic. And note the very small and discreet placement of the two U.S. Open logos: just above the left chest and at the bottom of the tee. Guess what? I’m happy to walk around advertising the U.S. Open if I don’t have to wear a tee that looks like a billboard.

Priced at just $28, the Peace, Love & Tennis t-shirt is available at the U.S. Open's on-line shop.

This post originally appeared on one of my favorite tennis web sites: Strawberries & Scream.

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