October 4, 2010

Mad For Pink Plaid!

Secret’s out: Lululemon’s trendy yoga wear translates perfectly to the court.

OK, tennis fashion fanatics – prepare yourselves. If you haven’t heard of Lululemon Athletica yet, you’ll be searching it out by the end of this piece. As I am always on the look-out for splashy tennis gear – something to make my opponents focus more on the outfit and less on the lack of skills – I was excited to find Lululemon’s fun and functional pieces that no one else on the tennis court is wearing . . . yet.

Why is that? Because this stuff is actually yoga wear! Lululemon is creating apparel to accommodate all kinds of athletic pursuits, mainly yoga, but also dance and running. And you just know, if you can do a downward dog in these pieces, it will definitely stand up to an overhead smash.

I am totally enamored of the perky pink and turquoise plaid skirt I bought (see photo). The color is called Senorita Plaid. This is actually a running skirt, but it is perfect for tennis as it has built-in shorts with “gripper elastic” at the thighs that can easily keep a ball or two safe on the court. The plaid fabric is laced with reflective silver threads intended to keep you safe when running after dark, but I like the sparkly disco-vibe they give off. The wide, hot pink waistband is comfortable (no fat rolls here) and includes a sweet little zipper pocket at the back for cards, keys or sport snacks.

I also bought the “Commit Tank” in Senorita Pink and Static Coal to go with the skirt. It not only provides great support, but is also semi-fitted, so it’s a little looser around the torso. For me, this means no suddenly exposed tummy when I’m going for my kick serve.

The true test, of course, is what do my tennis pals think of this outfit? To find out, I ditched my team uniform and wore this to a match last week. And the compliments were fabulously excessive! As one of my opponents pointed out, “That is too cute to just wear for tennis!” I absolutely agree.

So, Lululemon– get ready. You are about to become my newest tennis pal!

This Tennis Fixation post originally appeared on one of my favorite tennis web sites: Strawberries&Scream.

Photo: www.lululemon.com.

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