November 16, 2010

Another Great Tennis Cake

Remember when I told you all about the great people at Wilton and how they had come up with a tennis ball cake that you or I or any other tennis fanatic could make?  Well, guess what?  There are all kinds of crazy tennis themed cakes happening in the world!  This is definitely a whole new Tennis Fixation category.

I know what you're thinking - someone here at Tennis Fixation has WAY too much free time on her hands when she is actually spending time on-line looking at tennis cakes.  But once you start, it is really hard to stop. 

For example, take a look at Tim's cake, shown in this photo.  Someone went to a really big effort to make sure Tim's birthday celebration included this very unusual tennis-themed birthday cake.  I'm not quite sure what to make of this.  Is Tim the last man standing? Does he really favor pink shorts? And what of his English partner? Maybe Tim is a great doubles player and he took his two opponents out.  But did he take out his partner too?

Anyway, I thought this was Tennis Fixation-worthy and if I wanted to see it, I knew you all would want to see it too. I definitely have to make a tennis cake for my next team party.

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