November 4, 2010

Tennis Ball Cake, Anyone?

Sometimes I worry that I’m taking all of this tennis stuff way too seriously. For example, I lost a match yesterday 6-1, 6-0. Not fun. In fact, it kind of ruined my day and made me wonder, “should I even keep playing tennis? What is the point of all of this hard work when I lose like that? How in the world can I keep going when the next match may just be another blow-out?”

And then, something happens that puts it all into perspective. And that’s exactly what happened this morning when I came across the Tennis Ball Cake. It seems my obsession with tennis isn’t all that crazy — because there other are people in the world, specifically the people at the Wilton cake decorating company, who understand just how fanatical tennis players can be. Crazy enough to invest significant amounts of time and money in a sport where they often get blown off the court. Fanatical enough to want a Tennis Ball Cake.

Am I going to order a Tennis Ball Cake anytime soon? Perhaps. Will I keep thinking about this cake to the point where I eventually take a stab at baking one? Very likely. For now, I’m enjoying the idea of the Tennis Ball Cake as evidence that, at least for a tennis player, I am 100% normal.

This Tennis Fixation post originally appeared on one of my favorite tennis web sites: Strawberries & Scream.


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