January 17, 2011

Tennis Fashion Fix: Australian Open 2011 - What Would Serena Have Worn?

Image via OPI.com
With the Australian Open starting today(!), the question we all have is, of course, what will the pros be wearing? Well, despite the fact that Serena Williams won't be defending her Aussie title due to ongoing "foot injury" issues, we now know what she would have worn.

First, don't you love the cheesy cover girl pose in this first pic? This is actually a photo from the nail polish pros at OPI touting Serena's "Glam Slam" lacquers, the first two of which were rolled out just in time for the year's first Slam. Keep tuned to Tennis Fixation for an update on these two polishes as well as the entire Glam Slam collection because the whole thing will tie into each of this year's Slams. Anyway, I thought this photo of Serena wearing her Australian Open outfit was too precious to pass up.

But let's get serious.

In this next photo, you can really see the Down Under Smash Dress that Nike put together for Serena.

Image via Nike Tennis Facebook

And here's another view of this dress, minus the 105 mph serve stance.

Image via Nike Tennis Facebook

In my opinion, Nike has done its usual fabulous job with Serena. They've used a really clean palette of white, blue and green that I'm sure would have looked great on the blue courts in Melbourne and will also look great on my cracked, greenish-brownish, need-to-be-painted courts in Houston. Dri-FIT fabric on the shoulders and back of the dress allows for ventilation, darts on the front and back give a more fitted fit (nice lack of vocabulary there), and a pop of Green Apple piping at the waist and a pleated Vibrant Blue skirt make this outfit stand out.

Better than the dress are these too, too cute shoes.

Image via Nike Tennis Facebook

These are the Nike Air Max Mirabella 3 shoes and they have way too many high-performance, technical features for me to tell you about. Who cares anyway? Look at those colors! If I'm wearing something this splashy on the courts, I don't care if my feet are cushioned or well-ventilated or even moving very fast. Love these.

Well, enjoy these pieces here and in your favorite tennis shop. Because you won't be seeing them on the courts in Australia.

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