January 16, 2011

Tennis Fashion Fix: Get Ready For "More Skin" At The 2011 Australian Open

Image by Mark Riedy
The 2011 Australian Open starts tomorrow (Hooray!) and just in case you're hoping that Venus Williams will attempt to top her outfits from the most recent French Open (Remember this post? Tennis Fashion Fix: French Open 2010 - Venus In A Black Lace Negligee??), Wimbledon and U.S. Open (just see Tennis Fashion Fix: US Open 2010 - What Is The Deal With Venus?), you are in luck!

Although I have no photo evidence to present at this time (but I'll be searching for some to give you asap), at her most Aussie Open press conference (where this not-completely-flattering photo was taken), she promised "There'll be more illusion, and also skin - more skin this year. So we'll see."

More skin? How much more skin can there be? She's already done the lingerie thing. And the "is she or isn't she wearing anything under that dress" look? What's left? Tennis stripper? On-court string bikini? All I can say at this point is "Yes, Venus, we'll most definitely see."

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