April 27, 2012

Quick Tennis Fix: Bring Your Own Snacks

I recently played a league match where the opposing team provided snacks that consisted of a variety of Easter candies and not much else. While I like a neon pink sugary Peep bunny just as much as the next person, this is not the kind of nutritious bite I need to keep me going during my tennis match.

To avoid this type of munchie disaster in the future, I've decided to start bringing my own snacks. And when I think about the beating I often put my tennis bag through, what I'll need is something that's not only healthy and tasty, but also portable and un-meltable.  Here are the snacks that I have in mind:
  • Bananas and Apples - the perfect fruits, no container necessary
  • Dried Fruit - higher in calories than whole fruit but easy to transport and very tasty
  • Granola or Cereal Bars - these need to be on the dry side, not the chocolate-y ones that might melt in the heat
  • Nuts or Trail Mix - delicious and nutritious
  • Crackers - I'm thinking individual bags of Goldfish or the like
The good thing about all of these snacks is that I can stick them in my bag the night before a match without worrying that they'll go bad.

Do you have a favorite snack you take along to matches? Let me know and I'll give it a try!

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