August 3, 2009

100 Great Tennis Fixation Blog Posts!

Dear Tennis Fixation Readers:

Grab your tennis party outfit and celebrate the big event! This is the 100th post on the Tennis Fixation blog! Hooray!!!

Its good news for me because, honestly, when I started this, I wasn't sure I'd be able to think of 100 things to say about ordinary, fun tennis played by people like me. And good news for you because - guess what? I now realize I have 100s and 100s of things still left to say!

So, to celebrate this 100th blog post, here's a list of Tennis Fixation's Top 10 Posts, especially for you readers who may have missed a few of these. What qualifies as a Top 10 Post? Its one that either received plenty of comments (which I love) or its one that I really liked and think you would too. Enjoy and keep reading to support your Tennis Fixation! (To read one of these great posts, just click on the title.)


1. What Our Tennis Team Needs Is . . . A Cool Name! - This is absolutely the most popular post on Tennis Fixation. People from as far away as Russia and Italy have clicked on this post to figure out what to call their tennis team. See? Its a world-wide problem!

2. Why I Love Mini Court - I didn't think anyone would get this one since most of my friends will tell me they HATE mini-court. But a few people told me they became convinced of the benefits of mini-court by reading this post. Its as if I'm actually doing good in the tennis world!

3. Are You The Tennis Partner No One Wants To Play With? - I have played tennis with each and every one of these people and was just hoping that, if one of them read this, they might see themselves and change for the better. Unrealistically optimistic, I know.

4. It's A Tennis Party! - Another very popular post that is constantly clicked on. Which just proves - here at Tennis Fixation, we're addressing the issues that other tennis blogs are too scared to deal with - cool team names and tennis party favors.

5. "What Are They Talking About?" - This is another one of those issues that no other tennis blog is addressing - the crazy stuff we start thinking about when we're playing a match.

6. How To Be A Great Tennis Partner - This post came up when I started calculating how many different partners I might potentially play with each month. And the answer was - 16 different partners! So this post explains all of the things I do, and hopefully my partners do, to maximize the winning potential in those 16 partnerships.

7. 4 Reasons To Keep Playing Tennis - Your tennis pro isn't going to remind you why you need to keep playing tennis when you lose 6-0, 6-0. But this post will.

8. Sizing Up Opponents - I love improving my tennis game without actually doing any hard work. Here's a great post about how to play better tennis just by paying attention to who you're playing against.

9. Why Are You Losing To Weaker Opponents? - Another popular post that addressed a problem all of has have had - losing to someone we know we should beat!

10. Australian Open "Fashion"? - And here is exactly the type of post that typifies what Tennis Fixation is all about - tennis fashion! You won't win any matches because of it but, some days, looking cute may be all you've got!

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