January 3, 2010

Best 2009 Tennis Fixation Posts

OK, I really, really wanted to do this post on December 31, 2009 but we went to Puerto Rico and I didn't plan it out in advance and so here it is, already January 2010, and I'm just now getting around to looking back at what was really great here at Tennis Fixation this past year.

But there were some great posts - I know from your comments and e-mails. And this is a good time to round them all up in one place so you can look at posts you may have missed or find some of the goodies that you might have forgotten.

So here they are - the best Tennis Fixation posts from 2009 (just click on the post title to go right to that post):

1. Why I Love Mini-Court - This post really struck a cord with people because, not surprisingly, most people hate mini-court. But once you read all of the reasons mini-court tennis can help your game, you too will become a believer in the power of this simple little warm-up drill.

2. "Your Calls Are So Bad - You Need Glasses!" - I still get comments on this one and run into people who want to talk about it. The bottom line is - while no one should be making bad line calls, being rude on the court is considered an even bigger faux pas.

3. Common Tennis Etiquette: When To Forfeit - Here's another post I loved because you loved it and I know you did because so many of you have told me your own horror stories of last second forfeits by opponents.

4. What Our Team Needs Is . . . A Cool Name! - This post is, hands down, the most Googled post on this blog. Apparently there are A LOT of tennis teams out there looking for cool team names. So, prepare yourself for a whole new list of cool team names in 2010!

5. Why Are You Losing To Weaker Opponents? - We all have this problem on occasion and this post gives some great tips for overcoming this problem.

6. Are You the Tennis Partner No One Wants to Play With? Well, this is one of MY favorite posts because it took me so long to come up with all of these clever names. I mean, come on, "Gloaty Gladys"? "Talkative Teresa"? That's good stuff!

7. When In Doubt, Call It . . . In - This is a great post because it shows what this blog is all about - playing good, fair and fun tennis and having a great time even when you lose.

Jeez, I could go on for a while. I hope you'll look down the right sidebar at the Blog Catalog or the Archives and click on some of the topics that sound interesting to you. Hope your 2010 is great, hope you're planning on playing lots and lots of tennis and hope you'll be checking back in here at Tennis Fixation for everything you need to know to play ordinary, fun tennis!


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tennischick said...

how daring! i wouldn't have a clue how to begin to select my top ten articles.