January 18, 2010

The Blog Pays Off

So occasionally people ask me - why are you doing this blog thing? Doesn't this take a lot of time that you really don't have? What do you know about tennis anyway? Aren't you not so good in tennis? In fact, aren't you only mediocre on your really good days? Why would anyone listen to anything YOU have to say about tennis? And just who are these people who supposedly read your blog? Are they even real people or are you just forcing your family to follow your blog and thereby up your readership?

Well, maybe people don't ask me all of those questions.

But, every once in a while, the blog pays off. And over this past holiday season, the Tennis Fixation blog paid off big. Remember I wrote a post called The Tennis Fixation Best Ever Tennis Gift Guide? And my very first top tennis gift was an incredible tennis bag from Whak Sak that was gold and silver zebra print? Well, behold that fabulous tennis bag holding MY racquets out on MY club's tennis courts:

Yes, I am now the owner of that wonderful gold and silver zebra print tennis bag! And it is even more cute in person than it is looking at a picture of it on the Internet. And, the best part, one of my lovely readers actually gave me this bag as a gift! Yes, that reader was my Mom but still - someone is paying attention! So thanks Mom for the bag that I really, really wanted. I love it!

And if you want to know exactly what you should be carrying around in your own tennis bag, just read this post: What's In My Tennis Bag?


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