January 18, 2010

Tennis Fashion Fix: Australian Open 2010-Sharapova Already Out!

Look quick! Because Maria Sharapova is already out in the first round of the Australian Open. Here are a few pics of what she wore. Obviously, it was not a lucky outfit for her. But it is different and interesting and cutting edge for tennis as Sharapova's tennis gear always is.

2010 Australian Open - Day 1

2010 Australian Open - Day 1

Day - First Round of the Australian Open - Melbourne

Day - First Round of the Australian Open - Melbourne

Sharapova looks a little dejected in these photos - probably taken towards the end of the match. I'm sorry to see her go but I'm happy to have the Australian Open underway!


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tennischick said...

altho it's light and gossamer, i still can't imagine playing in a 2-layer outfit in that Australian heat. sorry i'll pass on this outfit. i did however like the yellow knickers. i didn't get the yellow waist-sash until she lifted her legs and it all made sense.

congrats to Kirilenko for wearing something practical that you could actually play and move in!

Kim said...

I agree - Sharapova's outfits are always interesting but usually not anything anyone would wear to seriously play tennis. The little gossamer covering - not sure what the point is.