September 28, 2010

Beautiful Indoor Courts Are The Icing On Champ Tennis Victory

I played tennis indoors last week on these absolutely awesome courts at Houston City Club.  Maybe they had just been re-surfaced or re-painted or just swept or something because they were in pristine condition.  It always seems like indoor courts are covered in tennis ball fuzz but there was not a speck on these.

My favorite part - the colors!  The contrast between bright blue courts and white lines surrounded by a more traditional green made calling the lines incredibly easy.  Throughout my entire match, there was only one call by my opponents that I found only slightly questionable and it wasn't even worth an "Are you sure?"  Note to all tennis court owners and painters - please paint your tennis courts in highly contrasting colors!  Green courts surrounded by slightly darker green outer fields do not help us make good calls.  (And are really not that pretty.) 

I should also point out that part of my giddiness over these courts may be due to the fact that I was playing for my Champ level team and my partner and I creamed our opponents 6-2, 6-2.  Everything seems to look rosier when you win.  But really . . . these courts were very pretty 

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