September 24, 2010

Tennis Fashion Fix: Stella McCartney Gear Out For 2011

Didn't the U.S. Open end just a few days ago? Seems like it to me. Well, apparently that's no reason for Stella McCartney to wait to show off her tennis and fitness wear line for 2011.

As all of you Tennis Fixation fans know, Stella has been dressing Caroline Wozniacki quite successfully for the past few years. During London Fashion Week (which was this past week), Caroline and quite a few models showed off some of the many pieces from the Adidas by Stella McCartney line for spring and summer of 2011. They're not all designed for tennis, however. According to British Vogue:
We had models on bikes in one room, models working weights in another, upstairs they were doing a yoga class and camping out in a room in the back – which was complete with its own woodland setting. We’re talking fresh green grass, trees and campfire tales.
Models pretending to camp inside an enclosed room to show off fashion? What will those crazy designers come up with next? But, to get to the point, what does the tennis gear look like? Well, here's a shot of Caroline playing 3D tennis in a dark blue dress that is accented with pink:

I'm guessing that's an open stance forehand she's hitting. Even more "interesting" is this shot of a model, also in a dark blue tennis dress, that reminds me of something I've seen before:

It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but she has a pink undergarment visible through the sheer material up at the neckline. Is it me, or does this have a kind of negligee look to it? Are you trying to tell me this wasn't at least "inspired" by some of the stuff we've seen Venus Williams in lately? (For more info on that, see this post: Tennis Fashion Fix: French Open 2010 - Venus In A Black Lace Negligee???) And is that all the work Stella McCartney does to come up with her next season, look at what everyone else is wearing? AND is on-court underwear really the direction tennis fashion needs to go?

I think not but maybe I'm not as hip and trendy as I should be. Let me know what you think.

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