September 21, 2010

Target Your Tennis Serve

This is a guest post from Brian Montez, tennis pro and owner of K Factor Sports.

Placing your serve is critical in doubles. If you are hitting short weak serves or serves to your opponent's strong side, you leave your partner vulnerable to attack at the net or you allow your opponent to control the points off the return.

You can remedy this by choosing a target and working on keeping your serve deep in the service box (except for the wide serve which should be placed shorter in the box). You will begin to control and win more points if you have good placement of your serve. Make no mistake, no one, and I mean no one, always hits their target. But if you consistently have a plan and see your targets, your execution will improve over time.

The best way to work on your serve placement is to set up visible targets. You can use cones, balls, or whatever is handy. You must also understand where your racquet should make contact with the ball and how much spin you should generate. Work with your pro if you are not sure how to control the direction and placement of your serve and then hit as many baskets of balls as possible on your own. The results will speak for themselves!

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