October 25, 2010

Tennis Destination: Back To Vegas Baby!

Apparently, my husband and I have turned into one of those couples that makes a yearly trip to Las Vegas as we were there again this past weekend. We stayed at the Encore, part of the Wynn complex, which is gorgeous in an Asian way, but, frankly, is just too far down the Strip. We were constantly running or leaving places early to get back to our hotel in time to change.

Here you can see a pic of me, with racquet, outside of Caesar's. Notice I am wearing my adorable Lulu Lemon outfit. As I've pointed out before, walking around in Las Vegas in tennis togs, even as cute as these, and carrying a racquet doesn't even get you a second glance.

We once again played tennis at the Hilton Flamingo. Remember: if you go to Vegas and want to play tennis, anyone can play at the Flamingo for $25 an hour. When we asked the concierge at the Encore to book us a court, she was completely unaware of this and tried to send us to some off-site tennis center where they would come pick us up in a van. I would much rather play at the Flamingo where I not only get some tennis time, but can see a tattoo themed wedding, gamble away $75 and enjoy 2 for 1 Miller Lite, all before 11:00 a.m. Here is the photographic evidence of me on the court in my Lulu Lemon outfit. Please, if you want to serve well, do not copy my service motion:

The most exciting part of the trip? We went to see Cher who, at 64 years of age, is truly amazing! I can't say enough about what a fabulous show she put on and I'm not even all that big of a Cher fan. But she was incredible and here is a pic of me with a few of her costumes, outside the Caesar's Colosseum where she performed:

We tried to keep count of the number of costume changes she went through but couldn't keep up. It was a lot!

Here's a final shot of me in the airport with the racquets. This is the price you have to pay to play tennis while traveling - carrying those racquets around. I personally think its worth it. Too bad if several people get poked or hit in the head as we're boarding the plane.

Thanks to my fabulous husband for being my photographer and not complaining every time I made him take a picture of me with my tennis stuff!

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Mary said...

Rumor has it that the Flamingo courts are going to be plowed under to make room for high-end shops. With so few courts on the LV Strip, this would be a real shame. Have you played on the courts at Bally's?

Kim at TennisFixation said...

Oh no! These are the courts we always go to. We have been told by various concierges to go to the indoor facility and when we tell them we want to play at the Flamingo, they are surprised to find there are courts there. So I guess its just a matter of time before these courts are taken out and another tower is put in or something. I haven't played at Bally's but will look for those courts next time we're there.