January 4, 2012

Get The Message With Tennis Tease T-Shirts

At last - a tennis t-shirt that says exactly what it is I want to say out on the court. I recently found www.tennistease.com, a site carrying women's tennis apparel emblazoned with the words you are longing to say during a match, but usually don't have the nerve. For example, take a look at the image here - "Which part of 'out' do you not understand?" How many times have you wanted to scream that one out?

Here's a quick sample of other great phrases you can have put on a Tennis Tease t-shirt (with my comments, which you won't get on your shirt, in parentheses):

  • The party's at the net. (a good one for those reluctant partners we often seem to have)
  • Are we playing lines in or out? (LOVE that!)
  • Not looking for love, just wanna score (cute)
  • 40-Love my ass (if only I'd come up with that myself)
  • 40-Love? You wish. (for those of us who don't have the guts to wear the previous phrase on a t-shirt)

And there are several more very cute, very tennis-specific phrases you'll love. I can see a tennis team using one of these as a uniform. Maybe a tee with the phrase "Intimidated? You should be." on it. I guess this would have to be a pretty good team to get away with wearing that.

Not only do I love Tennis Tease's phrase options, they offer some great choices as far as what you can get your favorite phrase put on. The regular women's t-shirts include 5% spandex for a better fit and come in several perky colors. Tennis Tease also offers "heathered" or "distressed" t-shirts which are really popular right now. Or you can get your chosen phrase on a tank top, a jacket or on a pair of undies. I guess a pair of undies with the "Intimidated?" phrase takes on a different meaning depending on wear its worn and who gets a look at it.

Anyway, if you're looking to add a piece to your tennis wardrobe that reveals your true on-court feelings, check out Tennis Tease. Super adorable stuff in my expert Tennis Fixation opinion.

Image via www.tennistease.com.

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