January 1, 2012

Top Tennis Resolutions For 2012!

Happy New Year from Tennis Fixation!

Once again, it's that time of year when we look ahead, try to get ourselves together, and make some resolutions on how we can improve our lives in the coming year. And, of course, when I say our lives, I mean our tennis lives.

So here are my personal Top Tennis Resolutions for 2012. My intent is to adopt and follow through on every single one of these. I guess we'll see how I do throughout the year.

Resolution No. 1 - Play more singles. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my tennis game could be improved by playing more singles. Right now I play doubles almost exclusively, but, as I learned in my first singles tournament and as I posted here, there are so many good reasons to be playing singles that its ridiculous that I'm not doing it more often. (Check out this post for those reasons: Why I Love Tennis Singles.) So, for 2012, I SWEAR I will play more singles.

Resolution No. 2 - Learn the rules. I think I try to adopt this resolution every year. And every year, something happens during a match where I think, "I really wish I knew the rule on that." On top of that, I really need to learn the rules WELL in order to make Resolution No. 4, below, happen. You'll understand when you read that one.

Resolution No. 3 - Attend more one of the Slams. Okay, I'll admit it. This is kind of a fantasy. While I'm sure it is possible for me to do this (I think my husband would go for it), I never quite get myself organized enough to do it. I should at least be able to get to the U.S. Open! Anyway, I'm going to get way more serious about my desire to do this and start planning now so this dream can become a reality before I die.

Resolution No. 4 - Become a USTA tennis official. I have not yet admitted this here at Tennis Fixation, but I have already begun the process of becoming an actual USTA official! I took the on-line test, I passed the criminal background investigation (whew!), and I "shadowed" an official at a local USTA tournament. That all by itself will eventually be the subject of numerous posts. But I'm saving those until I get further along in the process. So I'm planning on attending the school for officials in January and then, who knows?, maybe this is my ticket to the U.S. Open! Stay tuned for updates on this one.

Those are my resolutions for 2012. Hopefully, I'll keep one or two of them. What are your tennis resolutions for the New Year? Let me know because I'd love to post some good ones here.

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Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, congrats on the USTA Official adventure! My tennis goal for 2012 is to play more. After my kids were born I found it too hard to play competitive tennis. I doubt I'll play competitive tennis again, but my goal is to sign-up for some drills at the local tennis center. Hope I don't chicken-out.