January 6, 2012

Quick Tennis Fix: Tennis Ball Foot Massage

Need a quick fix for tired, achy feet? The answer is as close as your tennis bag! Dig out a tennis ball and use it to relieve your feet, calves and hamstrings of kinks and knots.

How? Sit or stand (with your hand on a wall or chair for balance) and place a tennis ball under the arch or one foot. Roll the ball slowly, back and forth, from heel to toe for two to five minutes. If you find a tender spot, slowly apply pressure (whatever feels comfortable) until the tightness releases. Repeat with your other foot.

Performing this little massage routine every day or two will result in feet that feel better as well as looser calves and hamstrings.

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nuru massage said...

Sure this is effective? :) I'll try tomorrow after work. When is the first time you did this kind of foot massage? Unique!